Obsession = Too Human

As my compatriots in the revolution of gaming will tell you, one of my most anticipated games of this year (and the subsequent trilogy-filling chapters of the coming years) is unquestionably Too Human.  With an incredibly complex concept for the narrative, the "language of film" used within the camera system (check out just about any of the developer diaries or the developer blog to hear about this…at length…), all wrapped up in 4-player co-op through the campaign, and I'm positively riveted to every piece of Too Human news that falls from the sky.

Xbox 360 Fanboy has an interesting article on a recent developer diary published by the Too Human development team Silicon Knights (as well as an embedded version of the developer diary).  The video starts off waxing about the RPG elements of the upcoming title, and then about halfway through the video, things get…strange.

The video shifts to an excerpt from a Norwegian Film Committee submission called "The Goblin Man of Norway".  It's quite surreal and points to an alleged find in the mountains of Norway, a find that seems to point to a technologically-advanced race thousands of years ago.

It ends with a really painful cliffhanger that I assumed would be wrapped up in a future developer diary.  Xbox 360 Fanboy goes on to talk about the fact that the website was registered in Vancouver, which is a touch odd for the Norwegian Film Committee, but less odd for someone based out of Ontario (*cough* Silicon Knights *cough*).

Regardless of this being another clever marketing campaign by Microsoft (I loved the Gears and Halo campaigns), I'm thoroughly enjoying the low boil that this video is starting to produce.  Check it out and tell me what you think.

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