$50, 120GB, and one heck of a ride


I’ve stumbled on an interesting little hack for the Xbox 360 that I thought I’d share with the Xbox-360-toting Interscription readership…installing a custom 120GB hard drive on your Xbox 360!

– Here is the link to all the gritty details –

A few natural disclaimers: this will clearly void your Xbox 360 hard drive warranty, and may even breach the warranty for the Xbox 360 itself if my instincts are correct, so if those sorts of things are important to you, I’d be a bit weary.  There is also nothing to state that Microsoft won’t ban your console from Live if they deem it “modded”.  While this point is less likely, it’s probably much less of a possibility considering the lack of “cheating” any system outside of the exorbitant peripheral economy that Microsoft has created.  :)

Happy hunting, and let me know your experience in the comments!

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