Where for art Thou Accordion Hero?!?!?!?

A gal can dream..

Yes I am aware that AH was a lovely April fools joke, but with the launch of Guitar hero and its hipper brother Rock Band there has been talk of other offshoots (can we say DJ Hero?). It made me think about all of the other possibilities that could come out for video game fools.

Didgeridoo Hero: Get in touch with your inner aboriginal native with this version of the musical game. Comes complete with an authentic plastic replica of the ancient musical tool. You’ll be a rebreathing superstar in no time!

Marching Band:
Relive your awkward High School years with this offshoot of the Rock Band franchise. Comes complete with Brass, Woodwind and percussion. Soon you will have “Band Camp” flashbacks.. and we ALL know what you did in band camp. (Soon to follow the “color guard” expansion pack, decorate your own flag and rifle!)

Harp Hero: Ahh the Harp, such an under-appreciated and under used instrument. It isn’t for classy establishments anymore! Get good at that and you can move on to…

Celtic Band: Because you are usually drunk playing it anyway, you may as well use it to your advantage. Sing songs of drunken fights and dead ancestors. You’ll be wearing kilts in no time!

Beatbox Hero: to use with DJ Hero, this spit proof mic is good when doing your Biz Mark E jam.

Of course, I would LOVE to see Accordion Hero become a reality. Nothing better than jamming with Weird Al on your console.

You reading this Activision and Harmonix???? Get to work! And if you are looking for a game developer, just drop me a reply..;)

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