Aw man! Time to pony up for them 360 accessories again…


For those of you that might be familiar with a recent post of mine, take heed: Microsoft isn’t a big fan of such things any longer.

Major Nelson just posted on his blog that as of the new system update being sent out (first to Preview Program participants but then to all by the end of November) to all Xbox 360 consoles, your “unauthorized memory unit” will no longer be accessible through your console.

A quick check of shows that the 120GB to be $135 shipped.  I guess all that cross-mojination of the Zune Video Marketplace has Big Content scared (as in perhaps Microsoft can’t allow purchased movies until they lock up the DRM hardware-wise)?  This obviously also protects Microsoft’s hardware ecosystem, so it would be natural to assume this is Microsoft protecting their peripheral price points, but if anyone has read what is involved in the DIY hard drive upgrade for your 360, I doubt they’ve lost too much money except to the occasional 133t haxx0rz who want to stick it to M$.  In any case, paying more for something that doesn’t actually cost that much without the fancy Microsoft packaging/software just sucks, plain and simple.  Here’s hoping for a swift price drop of the 120GB drives if they want to continue to sell them.  Me, I’ll be slogging along with my 20GB until we’re sub-$100.

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