Review: Soosiz (Ipod Touch)

Soosiz is a 2D Platformer defined by its creators as a “Gravity-Defying Platformer.”  That’s actually a pretty good one-line explanation for what has to be one of the best platformers currently available for the Ipod Touch/Iphone.


In Soosiz you play as a little guy with spiky hair trying to rescue his spiky-haired companions who have been scattered around the world as a result of some evil bad guys who have caused all manner of havoc to break out in spiky hair land. 

The on screen controls are as basic as they come:  left, right, and jump. 

Using these most basic of all tools, you explore the various levels looking for your friends, collecting coins, and either head-stomping or avoiding various bad guys. 

What sets Soosiz apart from other Platformers is the gravity mechanic.  Essentially, each surface has its own gravity, so you can easily walk around and under the various pieces, and can jump from one surface to another getting pulled by the individual gravity bits. 

This mechanic is by no means as gimmicky as it sounds, and makes for some great level design and play style.  For example, if you’re having trouble reaching a distant platform above you, you might be able to walk to the underside of the platform you’re on, and jump off, simply falling to the seemingly out-of-reach ledge “above.” 

The graphics are simple but very artistically drawn, and the levels ratchet up the challenge in one of the better measured paces I’ve seen in recent memory.  I never felt like I was getting sandbagged by a level I was simply not ready for, but definitely hit a few levels that required an amount of finesse I wouldn’t have had without mastering the basics. 

All in all, the game is a masterful presentation of what Iphone/Ipod Touch gaming can be.  It is currently $2.99, provides several hours of gameplay, silky smooth and responsive controls that feel natural on a touch screen device, and a unique concept that is almost perfectly executed.  It’s hard to find anything negative to say about the game. 

Definitely Recommended.

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