Midseason TV 2010, Pt. II: Preview Edition

Picking up where I left off, the three shows I am most looking forward to in the next couple months. Counting down to most anticipated.

#3 - Caprica (January 22, 2010)


In the words of Anakin Skywalker, I am a slow learner. I really thought Ronald Moore and David Eick were swimming with arrogance and cockiness when they devised the idea for Caprica, their prequel to Battlestar Galactica. No way would this fly. But I saw the pilot and, my word, was I impressed. Mind-bogglingly impressed. Caprica may do with the family drama what BSG did for the military drama. Caprica is really the story of two families: the Greystones and the Adamas, and how tragedy and terrorism paves the way for changing the human race forever. You don’t have to have seen BSG to understand Caprica, but for those who have it greatly enriches the experience. And with a crackerjack cast led by Esai Morales and Eric Sloltz we may see a fascinating look at how a small family drama gradually morphs itself into an all-encompassing epic about civil war and how the future of the human race is threatened by the consequences of the most banal and well-intentioned of acts.

#2 – Lost (February 2, 2010)


I really don’t feel the need for some long, drawn out explanation as to why. If you’re a fan you damn well know and if you’re not a fan then stop reading this now and get caught up. I will say this, however. Last season’s Lost ended with a hell of a bang, perhaps a time altering one. And if you thought that was a mind fuck then prepare to have multiple brain lobish orgasms with alternate realities and timelines. We may actually see evidence of the Stephen King influence that producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have been declaring in the form of John Randall Flagg Locke. And along those lines if things do play out with alternate timelines and realities and the like I suppose I can forgive you guys for not doing The Dark Tower like you said you would. After this brilliantly WTF show ends, I wouldn’t want to tackle it either.

#1 – Chuck (January 10, 2010)


Now we’ll see if all the Subway sandwiches were worth it. Chuck changes the game plan somewhat in season number three. Chuck Bartowski got pretty much all the information the government has accumulated downloaded in his noggin. Well, it finally got removed only to have him download a new and improved intersect in his noggin. How improved? Now instead of accessing data he can actually access knowledge of kung-fu, languages, firearms, dancing, instrument playing, and I’m sure how to cause cardiac arrest with just his pinky is buried in there somewhere. So why is this ranked so high when Chuck 2.0 seems like Jake 2.0? Because Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz are smart enough writers and creators to understand that everything has consequences. While Chuck has the skills of the spy he doesn’t have the heart of one, or more specifically the cold heart of one. He still wears his heart on his nebbish and nerdy sleeve. Couple that with his handler Sarah Walker and Chuck all but announcing they are officially a couple at this point and that could lead to huge consequences–the kind that could threaten not only Chuck but everyone around him. The new intersect requires laser like focus and knowing Chuck focus doesn’t come naturally to him. Thankfully, all the natural pieces are in place. Sarah and Casey will be back as Chuck’s mentors, the Buymoria gang is back, and Awesome and Ellie Bartowski are back. This time though Awesome is officially a part of Chuck’s crack spy squad so that should be fun to see. Chuck has always been a show that has used its guest stars brilliantly and this season provides quite a crop. Brandon Routh, Kristin Kreuk, Angie Harmon, and even Stone Cold Steve Austin will make appearances. Also, just released by Entertainment Weekly, comes news that Scott Bakula will be back to play Chuck’s spy pop, Steve Bartowski. Chuck has a lot of work to do to even equal the brilliance of last season, but it may promise to be very compellingly angsty to see a Chuck who’s all that and more discover that even as a super duper spy stud he still can’t get by without a little help from his friends and family.


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