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To say that I REALLY like movies would be a complete understatement, in fact I have been a movie fan ever since that cold night in December 1978. The snow was falling outside and I was quite comfortable until the bright lights and all the screaming- I swear someone slapped my ass. I was hosed down, checked out, they wrapped me up like a bean burrito and history was made.
But enough about me…
With my fondness for cinema I developed a nasty collection habit for almost everything movies, props, autographs, posters, toys (or nerd hummels) and of course VHS (skip to the end) DVD. In my years I have built what I believe to be quite a collection of movies, Thanks to the fall of the major rental chains like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video selling off their stock at crazy discount prices.  I will be the first to admit that I have not seen EVERY movie and I cannot quote all classic films verbatim (though there are a few that I can) but I have developed an eclectic taste for movies. I will watch pretty much anything. And while I have seen many, many films I have not seen everything, and that is where this post comes in.

Welcome to:

(Queue Jurassic park theme)

I will be reviewing movies that some may accept as “watchable” and also movies that some may find horrible. I will watch classic movies to comment on pure nostalgia, I will watch shitty movies just because. I welcome any comments, suggestions or requests- though I cannot guarantee that I have every movie requested I do have a Netflix account at my disposal.

So where do we go from here?

Two words…

Ghost Dad
(you bet your Jell-O pudding pops)

I honestly don’t get why everyone hates, hates, HATES this movie so much. I have seen much, much worse.
I do have some theories though.
One thing that struck me from the get go was that this movie was directed by Sidney Poitier, Mr. Tibs!
Bill Cosby is a dad (wait for it) who is struggling with raising three kids without a wife and balancing a big time career (though I don’t think they ever explained what he really did). One day he happens to take the wrong cab, driven by an insane devil worshiper (oh the 80s and their fear of devil worshiping cults) who ends up helping Mr. Cosby become a Ghost.
Through the picture Bill learns that family is more important than business and that if you are a ghost you can choke a fool through a telephone!
Bill finds out that he only has a little time before he is gone for good (flickering blue screen and OBVIOUS wire work included- bonus) with the aid of a British occult expert named Edith (pronounced ED-ith, which is the running gag). Bill struggles to learn how to cope with being non corporeal (at first) and he has to close a big business deal before Thursday (when he passes for good) so he can get life insurance for his kids.
One thing that I found odd was the production value. In the beginning it seemed like a standard 80s comedy, picture was good and they had a Janet Jackson song in the soundtrack which was surprising. But after about 20 minutes you start to notice the rest of the soundtrack sounds like some public domain Sci-Fi score from something like an Ed Wood movie or They. This keeps up occasionally through the movie and was a little distracting. The Blue screen effects (later replaced by green screen in the 90s) were very harsh and quite hilarious. There is nothing quite like Bill Cosby with a flight wire harness flying through the wall. I think as the movie progresses you can actually see the budget plummeting.

Not a horrible movie but I think the main reason that people pick at this one is the WTF ending. There is not really an ending. Out of all the conflicts that were set up in the hour and twenty four minutes not much is ever resolved. I am curious to see if any film schools ever studied this movie, it could have happened.

So overall I don’t think Ghost Dad is quite the horrible movie everyone makes it out to be but it is no Leonard part 6 (more on that later for sure)

Hope you enjoyed the maiden voyage.
Until we meet again.


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