My Favorite iPhone apps

I know.. the mere thought of that phrase will send poor old Dragonwyntir into a rage spiral. But user-ability (no FLASH, anyone??) flaws aside, I love my iPhone. I am an artist and photographer, so the iPhone really appeals to my creative graphic side. Plus it is just too much damn fun.

When I was looking for a new phone, I carefully weighed my options looking at the pros and cons. The winning factor for me was the applications. When looking for cool apps for your phone, there is no contest to the iphone. So without further ado, here are some of my faves:

Photography: The photo apps were really what sold me in the beginning. I am a compulsive Photo taker, and You just cannot beat the options for iphone. Here are some of my favorite photography apps:

Hipstamatic:Ahhh the good old days of analog photography. This app allows you to give your images a old school feel from the days of early color photography. With various film and flash options the possibilities are endless.

Lo-Mob: It is along the lines of the Hipstamatic, but Instead retro film styles it is more of Large format film styles (like Helga camera) and Alternative film processes (like Polaroid transfers). No sure exactly what I am talking about? Check out the website for some great examples of what you can do.

Tilt Shift Generator: Tilt shift Photography is all the rage with the kids these days. It gives your photos a “toy model” feel by narrowing the depth of field and vignetting the areas. this application does the job of a lot of the more expensive SLR lenses for your teeny tiny camera phone. It’s a lot of fun to play with, and really allows you to gain perspective on landscape photography.

Photogene: A must have for any photo buff. This allows you to make corrections  to your photos, in camera.

Art Apps: These are some useful apps for artists/graphic designers/ all around creatives.

Random Pose: When creating characters or you need a model reference and no one is available to pose for you, Random pose is a great alternative. It allows you to flip through their library of CGI anatomy models (both male and female) in various poses. The use the skinless model method allowing you see the muscle tone and get your drawings more life like.

myPantone: Pantone is pretty much the first and last name in color picking. It is the industry standard and is used world wide for color matching, printing, and forecasting color trends. This app gives you access to their complete line of palates as well as a color picker. You can use your camera to help match the pantone color you are looking for. This is a must have for designers of all shapes and sizes, as well as lovers of color.  There is a free and a paid app option, so you can choose your level of color love.

Social Networking: Because most of my friends are virtual ones.

Whrrl: A social networking game much in the vein of foursquare. For those of you not familiar it is the new hip thing where you use your phones GPS to pinpoint where you are and you use it to “Check In” online. It is sort of like a “where on earth is Carmen San Diego” meets scavenger hunt meets ultimate stalker tool. With Whrrl you gain rank and achievements by checking into places falling under certain categories (which fills my need as an achievement whore). It also allows you to upload pictures of your current location adding to the gallery. I personally find it more entertaining than foursquare, and hope that it gains more popularity. I should also mention this app is not just for the iphone: You can get it for pretty much any smartphone.

Qrank: Another little social networking ditty that links you and your friends in an all out trivia death match. You can sync up with your Facebook and play your friends in daily trivia, gain points, rankings and *gasp* achievements! You don’t need an iphone to play, just a facebook account, but having the mobility allows you access to gain achievements by playing in different geographical locations.

App Toys and Gadgets: for the digital kid in all of us.

Lightsaber: Unleash the power of the force with the awesome geek app. It allows you to pick your saber color, handle and even create your own jedi character. Once you have picked you can wield your phone around with the might of the force and make the iconic “whooshing” noises without having to actually do it yourself. a Must have for any fan of Star wars.

Harry Potter Spell Wand: So you are more of a student of Hogwarts than a Student of the force? Well then this is your app. Get sorted, learn spells, duel with your friends and gain points for your house. Now if could get me a house elf all would be right with the universe.

Robot Unicorn Attack: The adult swim fave is now on the iphone. Probably one of the best side scrolling flash games out there to ever question a mans sexuality.

SonicLighter: Why waste butane at your next concert? With this you can show your love for your favorite rock ballad by holding up this app. Made by the same people who brought you the ever popular I am T-Pain App, this virtual lighter gives you color options as well as the ability to set your flame height, blow torch your friends or see the globe and how the rest of the world is illuminated.

An honorable mention:

As a tea junkie Teavana has become my bodega. They have an app that allows me to sort through their blends, make my own and know what time and temp to brew my tea at. It also  helps me to curb my spending by making my favorites and allowing me to keep a shopping list. And if you are interested, the Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green is sublime and cannot be matched.

So those are some of my faves. If you have an iphone go and check them out.

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