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Tonight I want to tell everyone about Red, a film adapted from a DC comics title of the same name. In most cases “comic book” movies = certain doom, however, something happened with this one and it was freaking awesome.

I cannot stop saying how much I enjoyed watching this movie. Not since Grosse Pointe Blank have I enjoyed a contract killer/comedy as much as this one.

Anyone that thinks that Bruce Willis’ action days are over better watch their back because he is a bad ass in this one. With Red Willis also gives us some hope of seeing the real John McClane again- one day.

The plot is pretty easy to follow from the trailers, Retired black ops CIA agents are being assassinated for some reason and Bruce is trying to figure out by who and why, with the help from a few fellow REDs or Retired – Extremely – Dangerous operatives.

John Malkovich plays a crazy, off the grid, paranoid (and for good reason) character to perfection. He is comic relief in the film as well as someone you want on your side in this situation, especially when he has the pig.

Morgan Freeman makes a brief but memorable appearance making you stop to think about how old he really is.

Helen Mirren is also perfect casting, she is what kind of sold me on the movie in the first place…

Wouldn’t you want to see a movie where Helen Murin gets to Rambo up? Of course you do.

Karl Urban plays the agent trying to bring Willis down, he is relentless and perfect. Look for the scene where Willis Meets Urban for the first time, awesome- and the music could not have been better.

I was happy to see Brian Cox as well as none other than Ernest Borgnine with roles in the film as well.

So to move on, there are a lot of great actors in the movie that help prove the comic book stigma does not apply in every situation, they can’t all be bad. I am not sure what the

comic is like or if the fanboys will have a more harsh reaction to it, nor do I really care because for me it was great.

Granted there are a lot of predictable action cues in the movie but it was damn entertaining. The action was fast paced when it needed to be, the twists were well played in every way and above all this movie was funny.

I really just went into this movie after seeing maybe 2 trailers and had no expectations. Needless to say I was very pleased. It did not feel as if anything was missing from the movie, but I do want more. I hope that we get to see more from the RED universe, I hope this movie does well in the box office and gets everything it deserves.

What are you doing still reading this? GO SEE RED!!!

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