Review: Dead Rising 2


I have finished Dead Rising 2, not without complication mind you. We shall get to that later.

Should you buy it?

Do you like zombies? Do you have a sense of humor? Do you like to bash things about the head? If you answered yes then this one is for you.

There have been many improvements since the original DR, mostly the use of guns. For the most part guns are really not that useful; until you get into taking out psychopaths- then they can be your best friend.

The controls are fairly simple and comfortable. One thing I thought they could have added for Chuck (as stated in my DR2 case zero review) is the ability to run. Sometimes plodding along at a brisk pace is not as helpful as a short sprint, especially in later levels where the zombies are more aggressive.

The music was done very well. You can pick out dozens of songs that they chose to bastardize into muzack in the mall setting.

Weapons upgrades are very helpful and added a lot to the game. My personal favorite being the “Laser Sword”. If you find a flashlight and some gems from a jewelry store you can have your own Lightsaber. This weapon is a must for boss battles. It can be slow at times but it causes huge damage. Another of my favorite weapons was the baseball bat with nails. It was the ol standby for me- being able to quickly clear out a zombie infested area without losing too much time.

I think Capcom had the right idea on this one, they could have just spread out the missions a bit more to give some more time to explore etc…

Another great addition of Dead Rising 2 is the “Terror is reality” game show which is accessible from the main menu. You get to play the reality game show that Chuck has reluctantly become a part of. The best part is that you can earn cash and prizes to use in the DR2 game. This was really awesome up until I had to start over, more on that later.  With the money you earn in these games you can buy zombrex in the pawn shops of fortune city and you can also buy weapons. The games are presented as 4 challenges each time you play, three random and the final is always “Slicecycles”. Some of the challenges are pretty fun; Ball Busters, Pounds of Flesh and Headache are some of the best. Others can be quite frustrating like Ramsterball, Stand up Zomedy, Zomboni and especially Master Shafter (sequence button pushing).

The lobby system is a big headache though. It takes FOREVER to get a game going. Once you do get a game it gets a little easier to get into the next one but a lot of times you end up playing the same games over and over. I did not even know there were any more than 4 different games until the second day I played TIR.

One other thing I learned was to stick to the ranked matches, if you do any of the others you don’t get to cash out the money you earn on the actual game, it is just “for fun”. The one thing I suggest to you reader is to skip the TIR intro by using the menu button on your controller, If you don’t you will permanently have the following stuck in your brain forever…

“Welcome to Terror is Reality Seventeeeeeeeeeeen!”


I have yet to try any of the co-op play since I wanted to finish solo first. So I have no opinion on that. I did get a lot of invites.

On to the issues… well issue.

I had reached case 5-1 and then experienced a nasty bug in the game that I have yet to hear explanation about. You see, once the time for the case winds down you have to be at a certain place at a certain time. The place was the roof of the safe house and I needed to meet reporter Rebecca Chang on the helipad to further the fight for Chuck’s innocence. When I got there the arrow pointed me to the corner of the helipad and then in circles until the time ran out and the case was failed. I re-tried this 5 times and got the same result each time.

Consulting the message boards on Capcom unity I found that there are a LOT of bugs in this game. I was asked if I could Re-Create the issue and informed them that yes, I could do it at least 6 times at that point. I pleaded to Capcom to put out a patch to fix the game; I paid $60 for Dead Rising 2, Not “Zoltar the Gelatinous Cube”.

Eventually, after having a bunch of know it all dummies on the board tell me that it was impossible and that the cut scene did not start as soon as I exited the elevator, I may have jumped off of the ledge at the wrong time, I am an idiot etc… I got fed up and decided to start over.

Starting over does have advantages. I was about level 25ish so the extra inventory and life was good. Most of the missions went pretty quickly and after a few hours I was back where I had been interrupted in the first place.

And whaddaya know? The cut scene DOES start when you exit the elevator.

From there I had no more problems with the game other than a lack of exploration time. I really wanted to search the mall more and work on weapons upgrades etc but it seemed like there were always too many other things going on and people to save. Chuck could not get any alone time.

The way the game is built you can go back and mess around whenever you like, and that is what I plan on doing. Having seen the “S” ending I feel there is no reason to check out the A or B etc… Just initiate some zombie carnage.

So now I will concentrate on earning monies in TIR and buying the Humvee so I can work on the Zombie Genocide achievement.

Bottom line, great game with a lot of replay value. Chuck approves.

(Chuck's Approval face)


 Go buy it, if you have the means.  

Until next time…

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